about us

MASKPRO is brought to you by Image Vest Sdn Bhd, a well-known printing company established since 1999. The enterprise believes in “honesty-based, high-quality printing” and implements comprehensive quality management in all its works – always making sure that its products are well-made and perfectly finished. 


Since the Corona virus outbreak in 2020, masks have now become a must for everyone. However, with price wars and bulk orders, there is also a worry concerning the quality and safety of masks sold on the market.


Image Vest invested in importing its own mask manufacturing machine, directly from a successful manufacturer. By doing that, the company can ensure the quality of their own masks by controlling the quality of the materials used. This way they can be certain that the product meets satisfactory standards so that each customer can have more comfort and peace of mind about their purchase.


Image Vest Sdn Bhd ideally hopes to create great quality mask products that are also reasonable in price, so that people can easily have access to supply and stay protected. Their work ethic has never changed - placing importance on quality materials is important for a good product. Image Vest hopes that people can use these Malaysian-made masks and feel the comfort and breathability, with the assurance that it is one of the top choices made just for them.




From start to finish, each mask is handled in a hygienic environment with utmost care. From printing to packing, the facility is always clean and contained, while all personnel handling the masks are always fully suited with hand gloves and safety clothes to ensure no external contamination.